Welcome to the world’s first industry 5.0. Community with a special focus on inclusivity.

Our goal is to build a collaborative space where every individual and organization, including women and other representational minorities, can contribute, fostering a more inclusive and equitable future in industry 5.0.

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A trailblazing industry 5.0 community

What does River’s global industry 5.0 community offer:
  • We aim to bring together a group of high-profile industry leaders, innovators, founders, and investors, and every individual and organization with an eye for industry 5.0 innovations, placing a strong emphasis on supporting women and other representational minorities.


  • River is at the forefront of shaping a global community that embraces different perspectives and talents, setting the stage for an inclusive industry 5.0.


  • We are more than a WhatsApp or a Telegram group – we are an interactive space with rich resources. We are a chat group, a community space, a marketplace, an event space, a forum and more.

If you feel we are not enough yet, let us know what you would like to see in our community, and we will enable that too.

Let’s make waves in Industry 5.0!
Benefits of joining the community
Why you should be part of River’s global
industry 5.0 community

Focused forums and Chat Groups:

Engage in targeted discussions through focused forums and chat groups tailored to Industry 5.0.

Access to elite Industry 5.0 Leaders:

Connect with a select group of top-notch researchers, investors, and industry partners for exclusive insights.

Networking opportunities:

Expand your network through diverse connections within the Industry 5.0 ecosystem.

Collaborative initiatives:

Participate in collaborative projects and initiatives that drive innovation and impact.

Success stories showcase:

Gain inspiration and insights from success stories within the community, fostering motivation and learning.

Exclusive events:

Access curated events designed to provide valuable industry knowledge and networking opportunities.

Thriving community atmosphere:

Immerse yourself in a dynamic community atmosphere that encourages support, growth, and mutual success.

Market place:

A one-stop portal for all industry 5.0 retail and services.

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