Foundational Pillars of River

Uniting the global industry 5.0 community

Mapping women and minorities in the ecosystem

Building a rich database for future endeavours

Group 147

A bi-phasic, year-long flagship program and multiple short sprint programmes.

Salient features include: 

  • Masterclasses + Mentoring
  • Corporate unmet need matching + proof-of-concept testing
  • Proof-of-value testing + piloting
  • Global expansion
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing and branding

Nurture startups with end-to-end support.

Group 147 (1)

A full-stack and multi-country startup studio that supports women and minorities-led industry 5.0 ventures

A makerspace / studio to help ideas become innovative startups with the support of our high-profile, Entrepreneurs-in-Residence.

Group 147 (2)
Our competitive edge

World's first industry 5.0-focused venture studio that supports startups in robotics, automation, digitalization, AI/ML and more,  with sustainability, human-centricity and resilience at the core. We are sector-agnostic. 

World’s first inclusive venture studio that supports women and other representational minorities led industry 5.0 ventures.

Every startup does proof-of-concept and proof-of-value testing within our corporate partners, solving unmet needs, with the potential to earn a purchase order.

Every startup is groomed towards global expansion from day 1 of becoming a part of us.


What people say about  our founder Dr. Viveka

Upcoming Events

Programs that unite the global community of industry trailblazers, igniting exploration at the forefront of technology and entrepreneurship.

Founder’s Note

“ Withholding half the world population from access to information and resources; denying them a platform to share their perspectives and ideas; denying them an opportunity to create deep tech ventures, will be detrimental to an inclusive society that is empowered by technology. Industry 5.0, is the future of the world Someone should have realised the lack of representation of women in education and technology; someone should have realised the impact of climate change. Those ‘someones’ should have decided to act on these problems by building an ecosystem of like-minded stakeholders It just took someone and a community to lead us to where we are today as a modern society. I’m one of those many ‘someones’ who could envision that women and other representational minorities and industry 5.0 will lead us into the future.” 

- Dr. Viveka Kalidasan, PhD

Founder-CEO, River Venture Studio

Global expansion
With Singapore being the Headquarters, River Venture Studios will be expanding into
APAC, EMEA, America

Within the next 3 years

2 Million +

Girls, women and minorities reached and impacted globally to bring them into Industry 5.0, to create real impact.

0 +

Women and minorities led Industry 5.0 ventures supported.

0 +

Women and minorities led disruptive Industry 5.0 ventures that will bring about a change.

0 +

Intellectual properties in Industry 5.0, invented by women and minorities.